Membership runs from January 1 to December 31 each year. Membership is $60 per household.  

Membership Details

We are pleased to see a continued increase in the 650+ Lohana families in Canada becoming members of our association (LCFT).  We encourage all Lohanas to become annual members to support the community in being able to continue to provide community support, networking opportunities, meeting family and friends, and helping us provide great value and growth!

Annual membership dues went up for the first time in many years to $60 per household, and remained the same for 2023, with 2024 under review, due to increased event costs of venues, catering, minimum wage, etc. We are still providing exceptional value to paid members at this rate.

The annual membership dues are to be paid by all members despite their status of residential location, age, lifetime, or annual, based on the family household address that the member resides in.  If the joint family members reside in different households (e.g. father/son living at different addresses), we request that you honor this system on a separate household basis.

The membership dues should be paid immediately after the AGM and rate announcement at the start of the year, however, we will be accepting membership collections throughout the year, and at each of our events.  The change from collecting dues at Diwali in the past, to collecting at the beginning of the year instead, allows the committee to budget in advance, plan for better events, and put communication systems in place so that the year can run more smoothly!  The committee is all volunteers running this organization, so your support in paying your annual dues on time is greatly appreciated to allow us to serve you better.

Annual Membership Benefits

  • Discounted event rates for each member of your family household
  • Free access to select events
  • Receive e-newsletters on news and events
  • Your name and details added to our member directory
  • Access to our member's directory on the go, available on our smart-phone App (iPhone & Android)
  • Have a say in how the community is run (attend the AGM and other special meetings)
  • Involvement in the community’s social, educational & cultural events
  • Play a hands-on role in helping the community
  • Youth members get first priority to earn volunteer hours

Lifetime Memberships

Lifetime membership options are currently frozen until further notice.  Lifetime membership historically provided the benefit of a discount on your annual membership dues.  Please note that since 2019, following the AGM change in the constitution, it was unanimously voted that this discount be waived in the future for us to meet budgets to make necessary operational changes and that the membership dues be set by the Executive Board.  We thank the lifetime members for supporting this and paying the full annual membership for this year. 

Membership Application & Annual Renewal Forms:

Apply Online for Membership (click the button below)
Note we are only accepting new memberships for 2024.

Membership applications can be made online only or paid at one of our events by cheque or credit card.


Can I Donate or Sponsor LCFT?

Absolutely!  We have several options to donate or sponsor, which can be found by clicking here.
Our annual sponsorship programs include select event tickets and discounted membership, as well as a donation tax receipt.  The funds are all deposited into a central budget, which the committee, led by our Treasurer, has allocated as operational spending to improve our communications, events, and community support.  A full report on this will be available at the next AGM.


Finally, we would like to thank our annual sponsors and all our Annual Members for their continued support of the LCFT, participating and helping in events as volunteers, supporting your executive Committee positively and encouragingly, and keeping the Lohana Spirit alive - Unity is Strength!

*To update your records on our mobile directory, please become a member to gain access to your account.

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