Look out for further details on our upcoming Family Funky Bingo Bowling in Feb/March 2018 – Details Coming Soon!


Funky Bingo Bowling is a team effort… Each team has a 5×5 bingo card with bowling scores written on a square. Each person bowls their frame in a “Funky Manner”, but instead of trying to get the highest score, you try to get things on a square that your team hasn’t marked off on their bingo card yet. You play “Blackout Bingo”, so you mark off all the squares on the card to win. Since you’re competing against the other teams, speed becomes an issue (up-to 2 hours) so the game gets quite wild, but please be safe while you play!

The first team to shout “BINGO” wins!!

Frame 1: Bowl the way you normally do
Frame 2: Bowl with your opposite hand
Frame 3: Bowl with both hands
Frame 4: Bowl backwards (in between legs)
Frame 5: Bowl sitting on the floor
Frame 6: Bowl holding a team mate’s hand or with locked arms
Frame 7: Bowl standing with left foot off the ground
Frame 8: Bowl standing with right foot off the ground
Frame 9: Bowl between the legs of your entire team
(3 members stand with legs apart, one in front of each other like a tunnel, and the bowler throws the ball through the tunnel)
Frame 10: Bowl how you normally bowl

You can only cross off one square for each frame per person. Each player must throw in sequence of their turn…..no cut-ins. Hence, you have a minimum of 25 throws between your team to blackout a “Bingo” card. If you finish (Blackout) your card, then go for the highest score awards thereafter and continue until the game is over.

Start creating your team, and if you don’t have one, just register and we will add you to a make-up team, what a great way to make new friends and meet new people!